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Everest Marathon



Nepal - Nauche


From: 2015.12.02 To: 2015.12.02



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If you don’t have acrophobia and you want to take part in a Guinness Record, prepare for the Everest Marathon and run in Nepal in the land of the Sherpas! The 42K course ends at 3446 meters of altitude, challenging your lungs almost as much as your legs. To avoid incidents and acclimatize to the height, you will have to spend a month-long holiday in Nepal prior to the race itself, together with all other participants. This way you will get to visit the beautiful capital, Kathmandu, and explore the most stunning tracks of Everest. Strictly for those with experience on rough terrain and with a high endurance, the Everest Marathon might be not only the highest, but the most grueling sports event in the world!

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