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European Medieval Festival



Denmark - Horsens


From: 2015.08.24 To: 2015.08.29



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To experience a serious time-warp, step into the Danish city of Horsens, which transforms from a contemporary hub of commerce and technology to a bustling city typical of the Middle Ages from AD 1350 to 1536, with the cultural focus on northern Europe. And participants should not just observe, but feel the time. And to do so, anyone who attends the festival must act and dress as if they are from the period. Yes, wearing medieval costumes is a requirement; further, participants can only use materials that could be found during that time. The illusion of the past comes alive from the 5,000 local performers dressed as noblemen and ladies, beggars, virgins, knights, fortunetellers, monks, craftsmen and traders. And once that's taken care of, enjoy the array of period food, as well as dance performances and knight tournaments. Other highlights include the plethora of concerts, theater, falconry, puppetry, medieval weddings and vendors aplenty who sell period stuff. Further, there are to be no use of modern materials such as plastic, all drinking and eating is done from medieval goblets and wooden plates.

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