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Italy - Perugia


From: 2015.10.19 To: 2015.10.28



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Chocolate lovers will think they've died and gone to heaven in the gorgeous Italian city of Perugia during the week-long Eurochocolate festival. The city is known locally as the "Costruttori di dolcezze, or a designer of sweet things. Entering Eurochocolate you'll agree the reputation is well deserved. Feast upon chocolate sculptures, cakes, bars and fountains, even chocolate-based pet food, there is no end to the sweet delights that Perugia offers the world during this festival. Of course, since eating chocolate all day long can make even the top-chocolate lover a little queasy, the festival also offers non-edible chocolate themed events such as exhibitions about the production of chocolate, seminars on the socio-economic issues wrapped up in the production of cocoa around the world, and speakers from leading international chocolate producing companies. At the end of the education, there's more tasting, after which, save room for tiramisu.

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