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Ukraine - Lwów


From: 2015.08.22 To: 2015.08.26



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Existing of human culture for millenniums has proven that folk arts has inexhaustible morally creative force in saving originality, self-conscious, selfinquiring, perception and gene pool of the culture. The atmosphere of sincerity, uniqueness and goodness appears exactly when folklores of different nations begin to cooperate organically. Then understanding comes, that first sounds of music and first motions of a dance were presented by nature to a human being in a form of water murmur or sound of the wind, grass swaying, bird singing and flying. And only due to different national spirits, mentality and geographically climatic peculiarities, folklore is so infinitely deep and various. The authentic unity mission of different countries was undertaken by International Council of Organization of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF) that works according to the principles of UNESCO. And exactly under an aegis of the CIOFF the International folklore festival "Etnovyr" is held in Lviv. Due to it's multinationality, Lviv has been reputed as Galytskyy Babilon since olden times, and the guests of international folklore festival "Etnovyr" confirmed this reputation once more. That is why when a festival assumed in our town for long, already nobody will bespatter (reproach) that Lviv is surplus restraint and chamber. The fact that Lviv is actually opened to the world will be confirmed again and again by the uniqueness, passion and participants color of the International festival of folklore "Etnovyr".

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