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Erddig Apple Festival



United Kingdom - Wrexham


From: 2015.10.06 To: 2015.10.06



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Can there really be anything better than a big delicious juicy apple? Apple lovers better have their baskets as well as their fruit trivia memorized. One of the most prestigious gardens in Wales serves up some of the prized apples in the world during the annual Erddig Apple Festival. It's special in part due to the historical estate itself, which was built in 1687, with the orchards and gardens being planted at that time as well. Consequently, the tender slice of Edelsborsdorfer is actually a fruit of a well-planted history. Or to be more precise, the great-great-great-grandchild apple of a tree planted during the days of the Ottoman Empire and the Baroque cultural movement. Of course, apples were first cultivated in Wales long before then. The Romans brought the seeds along when they invaded in 55BC, crossing the seeds with the wild British crab apple. You'll be in the thick of this tasteful history, since the edible historical relics are the source of delight and entertainment. Expect tastings and even bobbing for apples, as well as a few experts on hand available to discuss the past and future of fruit. But it's not all about apples, it's worth mentioning that while the festival other rare historical varieties of pears, plums and apricots run along the crumbling walls of the estate's walled gardens, too. Somehow the pretty little red delicious ended up being the apple of everyone's eye.

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