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Electronic Daisy Festival



United States - Dallas


From: 2016.06.18 To: 2016.06.18



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You know how people always compare huge festivals with Woodstock? It’s bigger, it’s more popular, it’s the new Woodstock? Well, this one really is! Ok, so Woodstock was also about politics, change, and identity. The Electronic Daisy Festival is about what we have called for 50 years now the new generation. In name and character the Daisy is the bizzaro Woodstock, because it’s apolitical, it’s on the move, it originates in Las Vegas for crying out loud. It’s consumerist, and wild and purposeless, and a rejection of so many things, you wonder what’s left of the world after such a frenzy. The festival gathers some of the biggest names in electronic music including DEADMAU5, Armin van Buren, and Swedish House Mafia, in shows that have welcomed more than 130,000 people in past editions.

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