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Canada - Toronto


From: 2016.07.14 To: 2016.07.14



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This festival has such an endearing history it will make your heart melt. It all started when a local radio wanted to celebrate its fans, so they decided to throw an outdoor monster party and invite a few bands over. This was the late 1980s when the light of the 60s was long gone and Generation x was luke warm towards the summer festival experience. From a solidarity fest the “party” grew into a festival, as people kept coming back every year, and in growing numbers. After 25 years of throwing parties, the organizers realized they have a festival on their hands. More than 500 bands have performed on their stages over the years, and the number of visitors is close to half a million people. The organizers are still faithful to the original goal of giving a little back to their fans, and the little they can offer consists of international and national bands, performing live for one whole day in the locally renowned Molson Amphitheatre.

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