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Easter Week in Málaga



Spain - Málaga


From: 2016.04.17 To: 2016.04.24



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The Easter week celebrations in Malaga are famous for their huge processional pasos (religious statues), some of which require more than two hundred "costaleros" to carry their weight. This celebration is also known for the freeing of a prisoner. The tradition dates back to the reign of Charles III, when prisoners in Malaga, as a protest against the suspension of Easter week processions due to an epidemic, mutinied and broke open the prison doors in order to take their statue of Jesús Nazareno out onto the streets on their shoulders. Once the image was returned to the temple, they all went back to their cells. News of this reached the king, who bestowed upon the image, called 'Jesus the Wealthy' since then, the privilege of releasing one prisoner each year. This procession is on Easter Wednesday and the traditional act of amnesty is one of the fiesta’s most unusual moments. It takes place at 8.30pm, close to Plaza de la Aduana Square: the edict of liberation is read to the prisoner in a solemn ceremony. Kneeling before the statue, he/she receives the blessing of “Jesús el Rico” – the statue has an articulated arm. Later, the prisoner accompanies the procession on its way through the city.

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