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E-tropolis Festival



Germany - Berlin


From: 2015.09.15 To: 2015.09.15



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In a metropolis such as Berlin, you would think there would be everything for music fans of all kinds. However, it wasn’t like that until recently when the city obtained its E-tropolis festival, a music event dedicated to electronic styles such as EMB, Industrial, Cyberelectro, and Synth-Pop. E-tropolis is a fresh new musical experience that offers you chances to wave your arms in the air like you just don't care across several stages in the historical Columbia Compound. The venue provides the perfect setting for more established as well as up-and-coming electro artists such as DAF, KMFDM, She’s All That, Suicide Commando, Ascii.Disko, Fabrikc and many more. Put on your robot gear and get ready to electro-fy yourself at this unique Berlin festival!

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