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Dubrovnik Summer Festival



Croatia - Dubrovnik


From: 2015.07.10 To: 2015.08.25



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Zdravo!!! And welcome to one of the most innovative exibits of musical and theatrical expression. Every story has its beginning. Great stories have many beginnings. And there is no absolutely reliable historiographic method to distinguish the truth. Or is it, maybe, impossible for great stories to start with just one beginning? I guess thats why every History has to have its Prehistory. The history of Dubrovnik Summer Festival was - undoubtedly - conceived during thirteen nights of September 1950, when a real town persistently and uniquely transformed itself into an imaginary Town. Ten years later, French writer Claude Aveline, who had taken part, wrote how he could not surmise that he was attending "the birth of one of the most glorious festivals of our time". Its legacy continues and today the Dubrovnik Summer Festival presents a rich programme of classical music, theatre, opera and dance on more than 70 open - air venues over 47 days in summer each year.

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