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Dubrovnik Carnival



Croatia - Dubrovnik


From: 2016.02.05 To: 2016.02.19



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One of the most historical carnival events in Europe is ready to welcome you aboard in the splendid city of Dubrovnik. Here, in the middle of the majestic and breathtaking architecture you can see a passionate display of music, dancing, and garish costumes all at a wonderful parade down the streets to the sound drums, accordions, and trumpets. Festive Croatian folklore costumes abound on Stradun, the city’s main street and expect imagination from the locals who'll be wearing everything from animal clothes to futuristic avant-garde dresses. Other events include jousting competitions as well as horse riders carrying lances and medieval armour. Additionally, do no miss out on the masquerade balls, live street acting, as well many other games and fun events!

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