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Doggett's Coat and Badge Race



United Kingdom - London


From: 2016.07.20 To: 2016.07.20



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This event is the oldest rowing race in the world. It was started by an Irish actor, Thomas Doggett, in 1975. Since he lived in the village of Chelsea, he often had to travel across the River. He had developed appreciation for the watermen of the Thames, which is why he organized the first championship among these men. The event also commemorated the anniversary of the accession of King George I to the throne. The length of the course is 7.24 kilometers. Hundreds of watermen and women under the age of 26 participate in the race annually, with thousands of people watching it from the banks. The winner receives a traditional watermen’s red coat with a silver badge. Winning the race is considered an honorable achievement.

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