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Dinard British Film Festival



France - Dinard


From: 2015.10.03 To: 2015.10.07



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The Dinard British Film Festival allows film buffs to enjoy the best of British film without the bad October weather in Britain. Nearby picturesque Brittany, a panhandle of France that's long had a soft spot for its British neighbors, showcases British poignant retrospectives and spellbinding feature films during their annual festival. It's a showcase and also a competition for the Hitchcock d'Or, the festival's coveted prize. Previous winners include The Girl with a Pearl Earring. The action takes place in a cinema known as the Palais des Arts, and if the weather is good occasionally screens are held outside. The city of Dinard is a bath resorts that was frequented by the British who flocked across the Channel in the late 19th century. The town feels like a chic Brighton, in some ways, particularly since some streets are even named after famous Brits.

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