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Czech Republic - Prague


From: 2015.10.01 To: 2015.10.07



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Usually typified by the quaint architecture of Old Town, and the tourists who flock across Charles Bridge, Prague transforms into a city on the pulse of modern design during the Czech Designblok. Since 1998, the Czech Republic has hosted it's version of design shows with a multi-day event featuring fashion, graphics, furniture, art, photography, accessories and other objects that represent new ways of thinking. The organizers say the aim is to create a space for young artists and design connoisseurs alike. In that vein, the week is almost designed for people to see both faces of Prague, a city known for its history and beauty, and also a city that is teeming with young artists and designers dedicated to innovative thinking. Duck into showrooms, studios, shops and boutiques housed in darling buildings and blooming with art and design of the future.

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