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Dead Rat Ball



Belgium - Ostend


From: 2016.03.03 To: 2016.03.03



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Party Rio-style at Belgium's craziest masked ball, Dead Rat's Ball, or Bal du Rat Mort. This adventure in glamour and masquerade began in Montmartre in 1896 when a group of rambunctious men, all members of Circle Coecilia, got together for an evening out. Moved by the Parisian cabaret, then titillated by Au Moulin Rouge and Le Ciel, they wound up in Le Rat Mort Café, a bohemian haunt for writers, artists and prostitutes. To commemorate their exquisite Parisian shenanigans, an annual ball was staged in Ostend, Belgium, an event that was both a fundraising benefit and a great excuse to party. Now, years later, the madness ensues. The town of Ostend even celebrates this tradition with a parade, and there is rumored to be a clog-throwing event in the town square. But the real energy and excitement is inside the glittering Ostend Casino, where masked and costumed high-society guests mix with some of the world's hottest transvestites. It's a party that lasts well into the morning, and if weren't for the large glasses of locally brewed beer, you'd forget you're in Belgium amid all the cabernet glitz.

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