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Daydream Festival



Belgium - Zilvermeer Mol


From: 2016.04.16 To: 2016.04.16



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It's the perfect time and place for some musical daydreaming - the sun shining bright on your face, the breeze caressing your hair while you relax on the beach or the sweat pouring from your brow as you party hard at the Daydream Festival on the Zilvermeer in Belgium. Among the myriad of electronic music festivals in Europe, this party event is finding its place by focusing on the trance; earlier editions included artists like Brennan Heart, Milk Inc., Activator and Marko V. In addition to having a view of the beautiful blue waters, party people can also be seduced by the light effects on and around the stage. Come and let yourself go on the dance floor while watching the sunset and sunrise on the Zilvermeer. And remember: “the dream stays here, where it belongs”.

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