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Day of the Dead in Oaxaca



Mexico - Oaxaca


From: 2015.10.31 To: 2015.11.02



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Ancient indigenous beliefs fuse with Hispanic Christianity as the dead are remembered in a colourful and lively fashion in graveyards throughout Oaxaca. Every All Saints Day and All Souls Day people keep the dead company, spending all day and sometimes the night by the graves of family members or loved ones. Don't be surprised or shocked by the cartoonish skeletons that appear in shop fronts around town, even if you find them in what seems like bizarre situations. Another site to behold are the ornate alters in people's homes with offerings to their dead relatives (including the things they liked best, such as tequila). There's stuff going on throughout Oaxaca but if you need a focus then head on down to Xocalo main square. If you're ever unsure of how to behave during the celebrations then always remember the saying in Oaxaca that goes, “We are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time.”

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