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Dance of the Crazies



Spain - Córdoba


From: 2015.12.26 To: 2015.12.26



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The stress of the Christmas holiday is enough to send most of us to the madhouse, so you might feel right at home during the Festival de Los Locos in Cordoba. As the name states plainly, the theme is madness, and everyone behaves in suit. There is no psychotherapy, however, instead, wild, strange, crazy dancing is the mainstay at this bizarre celebration of the year's end. It is truly a spectacle to behold. And of course, like any good fiesta, there is also feasting for all to enjoy. Visitors can sip anaïs liquor and dine side by side with the dancing bears, gunfighters, and all the other "mad ones," meanwhile, there is said to be a giant dish of paella large enough to feed the town.

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