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Dance of Death in Verges



Spain - Verges


From: 2016.04.21 To: 2016.04.21



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Easter Week is a festive time throughout Spain, but in the Spanish town of Verges is unique for its Dance of Death held on Maundy Thursday. The dance begins Thursday evening with a small group of actors and dancers reenacting critical moments in the life of Christ and his miracles. However the performance takes on a darker approach by focusing on the betrayal of Judas and Christ's death in Gethsemane. At midnight, Act II begins with an creepy procession of dancing skeletons dancing in the streets as Jesus walks to his death. The dancing skeletons hold symbolic objects such as a scythe, flag, clock without hands and plates of ashes. They are surrounded by figures wearing black tunics. It is a moving religious tribute with a frightening twist that might leave you with a few nightmares.

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