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Crop Over



Barbados - The Bridge Town


From: 2015.07.01 To: 2015.08.14



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The Crop is Over! Come y'all the crop is over and it's time for a party bigger and bouncier than the most bootlicious parade girl's buttocks in a bright pink thong. Okay, Barbados might not be as dependent on its sugar crop as it once was, but the time when the sugar harvest is over is still vitally important on the island. To mark the end of the tough season, the island throws one of the Caribbean’s most amazing summer carnivals. There's rum-heavy block parties known as 'jump ups', wild calypso parties packed with colour and parades that bring out seemingly the whole island in an explosion of joy. Yup, Crop Over has everything you'd desire from a Caribbean party and all spread out over one party-heavy month.

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