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Croissant Neuf Summer Party



United Kingdom - Usk


From: 2015.08.10 To: 2015.08.12



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For those of you who don’t already know, Croissant Neuf are one of the most original, innovative and creative constants on the U.K artistic festivals scene! Originally starting out as a skiffle band in East Anglia, playing pubs, folk festivals and village halls the Croissant Neuf of today was just a dream. All six founder members had a keen interest in performance: music, theatre and circus and 1986 saw the first Croissant Neuf tent being used as a café/venue at shows around the region. The café originally specialized in selling croissants and coffee and it quickly assumed its distinctive name. In the late eighties the collective toured the steam fair circuit, fusing together circus performance and live music. Soon after, the troupe dispersed. As a result of this, Sally and Andy made the decision to continue with Croissant Neuf alone and the late eighties saw them buy their first new tent; the predecessor to what you see today. The original Croissant Neuf family often worked together even after the split and continue to do so to this day. Already keen environmentalists they made the conscious decision to buy solar panels and wind turbines instead of diesel generators. In the early nineties Croissant Neuf gave birth to the Green Roadshow a traveling environmental education centre, with the circus big top at its focal point. Music was the original raison d'être for its being and the balance began to shift in its favor once again. At the turn of the millennium a massive solar generating unit was built to create enough power to drive a 10kilowatt P.A system, a feat of modern technological engineering representative of its grandiose name.

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