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Cricket on Ice



Switzerland - St. Moritz


From: 2016.02.16 To: 2016.02.18



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The picture-postcard Swiss resort of St. Moritz is famous for the beauty of its ski slopes and the adrenalin rush of the Cresta Run, but for sheer quirkiness few sporting occasions can beat its February cricket festival on the ice of its frozen lake. This testament to the sport’s eccentricity began life in 1988, when a group of Britons challenged the students of the international boarding school Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz to a game, since when it has become an integral part of the cricket calendar, attracting international players and high-flying businessmen from all over the world. The special kind of game played at the Cricket on Ice tournament demands quite a lot from the players. Fast reactions, both physical and mental, are required for each match, which lasts around 3 hours. Exciting shots, fast-bowled cricket balls which fly as fast as arrows and spectacular jumps in order to catch the ball, along with an almost acrobatic use of the bat, are the norm at international tournaments. It goes without saying that, outside the British Commonwealth, spectators at cricket matches always watch the game with a certain smile on their faces....

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