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Couleur Café Festival



Belgium - Brussels


From: 2016.06.24 To: 2016.06.27



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Couleur Café is a Music Festival dedicated to all currents of urban music across the world including R&B, hip-hop, world, afro, reggae, ragga, dub, dancehall, Latin, salsa, son, raï, rock, dance. It is definitely an urban festival anchored in the heart of Brussels and its social reality. The impressive industrial site of Tour & Taxis, with its unique buildings is the perfect spot for this festival that reflects the European Capital's population diversity and mixes of cultures, a festival that will have you travel without having to leave the city. It is also a place where four music marquees cohabitate with an art exhibition, 50 world kitchen stalls, a flea market, dance classes, free style demonstrations and non-governmental organizations. Started in 1990, Couleur Café spreads nowadays over 3 festive summer nights and gathers each year 70 000 visitors around tolerance and understanding in a cheerful, colorful and merry atmosphere.

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