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Coronation Celebration



Slovakia - Bratislava


From: 2015.08.17 To: 2015.08.19



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The Coronation celebrations in Bratislava are a spectacular three-day event when the city is enlivened by a medieval atmosphere full of kings and queens, nobility, troubadours and thousands of curious spectators. During the Turkish threat, Bratislava became the capital of Hungary and received the royal prerogative of a coronation city. In St. Martin’s Cathedral, ten Hungarian kings, one queen and eight kings’ wives were crowned between 1563 and 1830. Bratislava revived this tradition in 2003 at the 440th anniversary of the first coronation of Hungarian king Maximilian. Actors in period costumes make a ceremonial vow of the king in the same place where the coronation used to take place. Then, accompanied by the sound of bells and a grandiose parade of people in period costumes, they ride through the streets of the Old Town on horses. The celebrations culminate with the dubbing of the knights of the Order of the Golden Spur and with the shooting of historic weapons and folk dance.

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