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Coney Island Mermaid Parade



United States - Brooklyn


From: 2016.06.23 To: 2016.06.23



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The celebration of the beginning of the summer season, Coney Island Mermaid Parade revives the illustrious Coney Island Mardi Gras parades of the early 20th century. Held on a Saturday closest to the official start the summer, the parade takes place on a beach in Coney Island, Brooklyn, where thousands of people ‘dress up’ in marine and mermaid costumes, effectively resulting in the partial nudity of many participants. Since the historical role of the mermaids has been to embody transformation and seduction, and given the fact that in it is legal New York State for women to appear topless in public, this fact is hardly surprising. The organizers of the parade support corruption overtly, so prepare your grease money if you are determined to win a costume contest. Nevertheless, the parade is largely a family event, and a perfect occasion to celebrate your kid’s birthday marching amongst mermaids and other sea creatures. Each year, the Mermaid Parade features a merman and mermaid king and queen, with recent royalty including Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Moby and Harvey Keitel. Make sure to check out the post-parade gathering where you can listen to live music as well as watch burlesque and sideshow acts. Sport your favorite marine clothing and come celebrate summer at the amazing Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

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