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Community Festival



United States - Columbus


From: 2016.06.22 To: 2016.06.24



Official website:



First started in 1972, the ComFest is a free event that lasts for three days and is open to all people that have no prejudices of any kind, and are politically active in creating a place that nourishes equality and fairness. As the description on the official website says, the event grew from “a street party thrown by a bunch of hippies, radical hippies, and political radicals” and today represents a significant arts and music festival with a strong political message. Since entrance is free of charge, all money received from selling beer in festival mugs as well as tips goes to charity, thus each participant can contribute in the festival’s cause. The whole event also largely relies on volunteer work and community spirit. Head for the ComFest this year for a party with a purpose.

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