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City Chase Holland



Netherlands - Amsterdam


From: 2015.10.05 To: 2015.10.05



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Be a part of the world's most unique urban adventure in one of the world's most beautful cities! City Chase Holland takes participants on a rollercoaster ride across Amsterdam as they search for Chase Points scattered in unknown locations. Show your friends your resourcefulness, determination, decision-making prowess and physical abilities as you prowl across Amsterdam in 2-person teams using public transport and your own two feet to search for the treasure! To help you on your perilous journey, you can utilise various resources including the internet, family and friends and even the advice of complete strangers... To win, simply be the first to collect all the ChasePoints and cross the line, and fame and fortune (or at least a whole lot of street-cred)will be yours! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and enter the City Chase Holland today!

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