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Cisco Ottawa Bluefest



Canada - Ottawa


From: 2016.07.04 To: 2016.07.15



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From a one-stage three-day event to a multi-stage twelve-day event – Cisco Ottawa Bluefest is the fastest growing music festival in Canada! Over 250,000 people are now attending the event, which features some of the most diverse artists in the region. Although the main musical focus of the festival is blues, the organizers have been expanding its range to incorporate other genres, such as pop and rock. Previous line-ups included Bryan Adams, Carlos Santana, the White Stripes, Manu Chao, Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Rihanna, Wyclef Jean, Donna Summer, Joe Cocker, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nelly Furtado – the list could go on for pages. The event won the ‘Best Event’ Award from the Ottawa Tourism and Convention Authority in 2002, and the ‘Keeping the Blues Alive’ (KBA) award for arts education from the Memphis Blues Foundation in 2003. One of the recent development of the festival is the inclusion of stand-up comedy acts. Lewis Black, Wayne Brady and Lois C.K. were among previous entertainers. This event is as dynamic as it is impressive. So mark your calendars because you do not want to miss it!

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