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Christmas in Trafalgar Square



United Kingdom - London


From: 2015.12.01 To: 2016.01.05



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Each year since 1947, a Christmas tree has been given to the people of London from the people of Norway in gratitude for Britain's support for Norway during World War II. For many Londoners the Christmas tree and carol singing in Trafalgar Square symbolize the Christmas spirit shining at its brightest. The tree is ceremonially lit in early December and the dedication of the nativity crib placed in Trafalgar Square follows soon after. For most of December the majestic Christmas tree and lights provide the backdrop to nightly Christmas choirs performing on the square. Various groups perform Christmas carols, generally from 5pm to 9pm, to help raising funds for volunteer and charitable organizations. This is Trafalgar Square like you've never experienced it before and the Christmas spirit coming from the choir voices and smiles is infectious.

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