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Choco Tango Festival



Italy - Perugia


From: 2015.10.11 To: 2015.10.14



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Perugia is known to be the city of chocolate, with the legendary Perugina Kiss coming from there. However, what if you could mix chocolate with another pleasure? Then you get the Choco Tango Festival, where hours of dance and training are mixed with a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Held in the city of Perugia, this festival is the perfect combination for many of us, as we have the privilege of watching some of the most accomplished dancers in tango, and also go to the various buffets spread out throughout the days, based only only on chocolate. Plus, for one of the nights too, you can go to an entire event on its own where the food will only be made of cocoa. So put on those dancing shoes and get ready for the sweetest combination ever.

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