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Chichibu Night Festival



Japan - Saitama


From: 2015.12.03 To: 2015.12.04



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Located just a short distance for Saitama,Chichibu Night Festival is definitely worth the travel!How long is the longest firework display you've ever seen? 15 mins? 30? An hour?!? Well this festival laughs in the face of such puny times and offers you over 2 and half hours worth of spectacular fireworks! This is a hikiyama (float) festival that dates back over 2000 years and packs out this small town for two days each December. Floats are decorated with lanterns and pulled up a slope along with a mikoshi (a portable shrine). During this climatic part of the festival the air is full of flutes and drums along with thousands of people shouting 'Ho-ryai! Ho-ryai!' When the crowds have Ho-ryai-ed themselves into a frenzy, the firework spectacular begins!

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