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Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill



United Kingdom - Brockworth


From: 2016.05.30 To: 2016.05.31



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You may come home with a block of cheese or a broken leg, but one thing is sure, you will have had one of the most fun and unusual experiences in your life. Cheese rolling in Gloucestershire dates back to the early 1800s, and consists of 5 downhill cheese races (one is for ladies) starting at 12:00 Midday. Up to 20 competitors wait atop the hill and wait for the Master of Ceremonies to count, "ONE to be ready, TWO to be steady, THREE to prepare, and FOUR to be off!" A 7-8lb. 'Double Gloucester' cheese roll is released down the hill and competitors go scrambling after it in a hilarious attempt to be the first to the bottom of the hill and win the cheese. The terrain is very steep and slippery making it more of a tumble to the bottom rather than a run. Between the downhill races there are also uphill races and a 'sweets scramble' organized for children. In recent years the event has suffered from over-exposure - too many people wanted to run after the cheese, thus it officially does not exist and officially there are no plans... however, unofficially the cheese may roll.

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