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Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts



United States - State College


From: 2016.07.12 To: 2016.07.15



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Started in 1967 as a sidewalk sale and art display, Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has since developed into a highly popular festival offering arts and crafts for sale, art exhibitions and theatrical performances, dance and music entertainment, sand sculptures, as well as a variety of ethnic foods. The festival traditionally starts with a 'Children and Youth Day', during at which, if you're lucky enough to be young, you can enjoy performances on three different stages. The festival really kicks off with the Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition, ranked amongst the top outdoor fine arts and fine crafts festival in the US, which features more than 300 exhibitors offering baskets, ceramics, jewelry, fiber, painting, and photography for sale. Other events worth visiting are Images, the festival’s juried gallery exhibition, the Art Festival 10K, the festival’s charity race, and Italian Street Painting, based on a medieval European tradition of underemployed artists drawing on the streets to promote their skills. Come, bring the young ones, and celebrate diverse visual and performing arts while enjoying a wide range of performances on seven outdoor and indoor stages at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

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