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Celebration of Light



Canada - Vancouver


From: 2015.07.28 To: 2015.08.04



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If you ever wondered who hosts the world’s best fireworks, a safe bet is the Celebration of Light, Canada’s most prestigious pyro-musical competition. Each year, firework designers from all over the globe compete with their most up-to-date materials and techniques to win the crown of the best in the world, while spectators enjoy a unique, diverse, fun and, family-oriented program! To ensure a true summer event, the competition takes place in an English Bay, where a small seating area is created for those who want to enjoy the show from a VIP position. Otherwise, throughout the rest of the Bay, you and your friends can just spread a blanket, open a good bottle of liquor and enjoy the night. What more is there to be said? Come to Vancouver and take part in the world’s biggest offshore fireworks competition!

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