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Cava Week



Spain - Sant SadurnĂ­ d'Anoia


From: 2015.10.07 To: 2015.10.15



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Nothing wrong of a week of sparking wine, which is exactly what Sant Sadurní d'Anoia celebrates each the fall. It's the epicenter of Catalonia's sparkling wine region, bottling some of the finest carbon-dioxide infused spirits into the world-famous cava. The festival showcases the wines, and includes plenty of cava-inspired activities, including the crowning of a Cava Queen, a hundred-person bicycle race, folk art exhibitions, and music performances, all dedicated to cava. Perhaps the best way to join the festivities is by hopping about the Cava Train departing from Barcelona that transports thousands of semi-sober revelers to the festival and brings them back in a more merry state of mind. There's food, drink, local elites and cabezudos who come for a cellar tour and entertainment, then head back to the big city.

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