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Carthaginians & Romans Festival



Spain - Cartagena


From: 2015.09.21 To: 2015.09.30



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The Murcian city of Cartagena compresses two-hundred years of history during the Carthaginians & Romans Festival. Talk about a crash course in history! But this festival isn't only for history buffs, it manages to captures the moments in history that defined modern Spain in a way that is entertaining for all. If even the thought of history makes you sick then spend the day watching the circus and chess tournaments. The festival begins with the lighting of a sacred fire followed by a deluge of re-enactments, including everything from bloody battles with the Roman Empire to the wedding of Hannibal. After even more battles and victory marches, the festival closes with the extinguishing of the sacred flame, which in reality puts out one flame and starts another in the form of a flurry of fireworks that follow. To find out which side actually won, you'll have to attend.

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