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Canada - Toronto


From: 2015.07.17 To: 2015.08.05



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Caribana is a unique cultural outburst of Caribbean music, food, revelry, and arts. As the largest cultural event of its kind in North America, Caribana gathers more than a million people each year to the vibrant city of Toronto, which grooves as one to the effervescent rhythms of calypso, soca, reggae, hip hop, steel pan and brass bands. The festival is a genuine demonstration of Toronto’s multicultural nature, as the soaring number of participants and spectators come from the US and overseas. Once at Caribana, you can feel how colorful costumes and dramatic brass band displays merge into a breath-taking display, which erupts during the King and Queen Showcase on Parade Day. You can also enjoy authentic African Drumming together with the Arts and Crafts displays honoring ‘Things Caribbean’. Last but not least, don’t forget to savor Caribbean delicacies and cuisine as you ‘feel da vibe’ at this exceptional summertime event.

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