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Canberra Balloon Festival



Australia - Canberra


From: 2016.03.10 To: 2016.03.18



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Stare at the autumn sky adorned with a colorful cavalcade of over 60 mesmerizing hot air balloons from all over the world! Even if your neck goes numb, you won’t miss out on a single moment of the spectacle as the lake in front of you provides dazzling reflections of the balloons. Although not as large as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Canberra Balloon Festival is nonetheless a rapidly growing festival held each year at the plush lawns in front of the old Parliament House in Canberra. During the festival, you can take a balloon ride yourself and join a pair of dancing honeybees, a windmill, Vincent Van Gogh’s head, a Scottish Bagpiper, and cruise over emblematic monuments such the old and new Parliament House, the National Gallery, National Museum and War Memorial. Best of all, even after embarking upon your journey at dawn, you will still make it to the concert and festival breakfast upon your glorious return.

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