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Canary Islands Music Festival



Spain - Las Palmas


From: 2016.01.10 To: 2016.02.19



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In the dawn of the previous century, Europe's leading symphonies and orchestras made a habit of visiting Las Palmas in the Canary Islands en route to major tours in South America. The lasting influence of these visits was a rich classical music culture that continues today under the banner of the Philharmonic Society of Gran Canaria, which has existed for over 150 years. Each year since 1984, the Canarias Music Festival has been delivering a strong program of symphonic orchestras from different European countries who are invited as guests each year. These performers are joined by chamber music concerts and a contemporary and historical repertoire of instrumental and vocal literature. Of course when you're not enjoying the music you'll surely enjoy the sun and palm trees in this tropical paradise.

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