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Burning of the Clavie



United Kingdom - Burghead


From: 2016.01.11 To: 2016.01.11



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What do you do if your New Year Resolution only lasted one week? One option would be to do a New Years do-over by attending the Burning of the Clavie in Burghead Scotland. The event celebrates the New Year as it falls on ancient calendars, making 11 January the official start of the new year (unless 11 January is a Sunday, in which case the celebration is held on 10 January). The "Clavie" is a half barrel filled with wood shavings and tar. In the past, it would have been a herring barrel. Today, iron-hooped whisky barrels daubed with creosote are used. The barrel is nailed onto a carrying post - the same nail is ritually used every year - which is hoisted on to the shoulders of a local villager. It is followed by a procession of hundreds of onlookers. On the route through the town, the Clavie Crew hands pieces of the Clavie - smouldering pieces of wood - to householders to ensure good luck for the ensuing year. Finally the Clavie is carried to the top of the Doorie Hill and the pole is placed in a socket on top of the hill.

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