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Burning Man



United States - Gerlach


From: 2015.08.27 To: 2015.09.03



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“Community, art, self-expression and self-reliance” characterize this massive event held every year in the Nevada desert. With tens of thousands participants in recent years, the Burning Man project started back in 1986 with just a few friends burning a wooden man on a San Francisco beach. The idea gradually developed and today this annual happening gathers many different people that want to feel good in their skin by doing, or just observing, all sorts of performances and art-related projects. If you have an idea for a themed camp, you can get involved in building the Burning Man community with your original contribution. The organizers have made it a tradition to have a different theme, or motto, for every year so that people can get inspired and make a statement with their own project. Some of the previous Burning Man themes were “The Body”, “The Floating World”, “The Vault of Heaven”, “The Green Man”, and “American Dream”. At the end of the event, participants witness the ritual of burning a very tall man made of different materials, which marks the end of another communal experiment in the heart of the Black Rock Desert. Everyone leaves with a burning desire to come back the following year.

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