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Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival



Thailand - Yasotawn


From: 2016.05.01 To: 2016.05.31



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The rain god Vassakan is an awkward chap, who refuses to bring rain to this north-eastern region of Thailand unless the locals wake him up. Luckily, the ethnic Lao people who live in the region have developed a good way to do just that: rockets. And these rockets are not just any old rockets, but rather 9 metre long, 25 kilo beasts that explode in spectacular fashion, much to the delight of the crowds that turn out for the event. The rockets are made by different teams and there's a fierce competitiveness amongst them as to who can make the biggest bang. It's important for the teams that their rockets launch properly and explode otherwise, once again much to the delight of the crowds, the teams are dumped in mud.

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