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Bun Bang Fai - Visakha Puja



Laos - Viangchan


From: 2016.05.13 To: 2016.05.19



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It's quite remarkable that the truly religious holiday Visakha Puja overlaps with the unbridled party Bun Bang Fai. Visakha Puja is a significant Buddhist festival dedicated to important stages in Buddha’s life while, on the other hand, Bun Bang Fai a.k.a. the rocket festival is all about fun. The first one is celebrated through religious rituals in temples, while Bun Bang Fai is marked by home-made rocket launching and filled with erotic energy. Bun Bang Fai developed from a fertility rite and nowadays participants are playing on the phallic symbol of the rocket and embracing sexual connotations. Anarchy reigns with women carry wooden penises round as part of this erotic packed event. Of course, everything about Rocket Festival is additionally spiced by bucket loads of booze. Enjoy the contrasts of Laos’s festivals and try not to confuse them - walking drunk into a temple with a wooden penis will not go down well.

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