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Buffalo Roundup and Buffalo Arts Festival



United States - Custer


From: 2015.09.22 To: 2015.09.24



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The annual Buffalo Roundup and Arts Festival in Custer State Park, South Dakota is quite the All-American spectacle! 1,300 buffalo get the big round-up from skilled local cowboys and cowgirls, who lassoo and yahoo their way around the beasts, driving them past designated areas for your viewing pleasure! Get some grand happy snaps and feel the ground shake as the annual round-up thunders past - a rare experience even for born and bred Americans! And if just watching isn't enough for you, never fear! There will be an opportunity to eat delicious, barbecued buffalo burgers straight off the hot plate at the Buffalo Roundup and Arts festival, as well as perusing and purchasing some quality Native American arts and crafts! So don't miss out on the mustering hoe-down of the year and get yourself along to the Buffalo Roundup and Arts festival in the gorgeous Custer State Park, South Dakota!

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