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Budapest Fridge Festival



Hungary - Budapest


From: 2015.11.08 To: 2015.11.11



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What's inside your fridge? Mouldy cheese, a can of lager and some disgusting dish your grandma made that you never ate? If yes, then you should probably think about changing your life style, maybe settling down and get a job. But before you do all that, take a look inside this fridge. What fridge? The fridge of the Budapest Fridge Festival! Don't worry, it's not about fridges at all. It is about music and sport. The first ever Hungarian winter festival is spread of four days of madness and features cutting edge drum 'n bass music, super styling snowboarders and enough palinka (plum brandy) to sink a ship (luckily Hungary is landlocked). There's a 33 meter high ski and snowboard kicker, hot wine, hot chicks and a musical line up that will make (fake) snow melt. It's fridge time.

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