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Budapest Autumn Festival



Hungary - Budapest


From: 2015.10.05 To: 2015.10.14



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A few years ago a scattering of Budapest's thousands of statues and monuments had enormous question marks put on them. The intrigued were led to information about the Budapest Autumn Festival. The next year it was a series of photographs put up at a popular venue in the city center with crisscrossing arrows. Since 1992 the Budapest Autumn Festival has been arrow-bent on making sure that no one misses their artistic adventure in finding new - contemporary - ways to get people to think about art and communication. While Budapest has plenty to offer the world artistically, much of that is historical - Franz Liszt and Art Nouveau are impressive and also long over. So this is one citywide festival which points spotlights on contemporary works. Artistic endeavors fill up all of the major venues in the city. During the Budapest Autumn Festival there's a chic immediacy feel to the town. All sorts of mediums pop up - including photography, computer art, music, dance, fashion, film and performance art. Show up for a long weekend to see what is up and what sort of weird promotional techniques lead the curious to the curiosities.

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