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Brussels Jazz Marathon



Belgium - Brussels


From: 2016.05.25 To: 2016.05.28



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3 days of Jazz craziness! The Brussels Jazz Marathon, this musical and cultural event takes in every corner of the capital. The perfect opportunity for Bruxellois and tourists to not only indulge in Belgian chocolate but also in the sweetest tunes around. During these three days, you will get the chance to discover some of the best musicians. The Brussels Jazz Marathon weekend will be the annual rendez-vous on which you can loosen the 'jazzcat' in you. And just like there are people that prefer pure, milk or white chocolate, we made sure that everyone can find their musical taste within the program. Jazz, latino, funk, rock and blues, you name it. This year again, all concerts are FOR FREE. So don't be late cause it's gonna be crowded!

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