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Brussels Beer Weekend



Belgium - Brussels


From: 2015.08.31 To: 2015.09.02



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Take a city with an age-old brewing tradition and a brew that comes in more than four-hundred guises or flavours. Then take the most beautiful market square in the world and a crowd of bon vivants who - in good Brussels tradition - are always ready to clink glasses. Raspberry beer, white beer, chocolate beer, cherry beer, brown beer, Trappist beer and of course the beer that Belgium is most famous for - the quintessential Lambic beer. This is the golden yellow frothing beer made with an ancient style of brewing that is dependent on a spontaneous fermentation process in order to produce a bone-dry, profoundly tart, and naturally effervescent drink. The Belgians claim this beer actually improves with age - much like wine, but you'll have to try it out to see. All in all, beer is not a bad reason to visit Brussels, particularly since admission to the festival is free, the beer is priced low, and it's a way to see the EU capital when everyone in town is bound to be in a jolly good mood. Cheers!

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