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Broome Mango Festival



Australia - Broome


From: 2015.11.25 To: 2015.11.28



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During the last weekend of November, when the weather in Australia becomes warmer, mango fever strikes, and everything is about mango in the Western Australian tourist town of Broome. For over two decades the Mango Festival has been organized to help the local mango industry and celebrate everybody’s favorite fruit. Come to taste, learn and experience everything about this delicious tropical fruit during 4 days of quizzes, cocktail competitions and more. The program includes a Mango Cocktail Party, Mango Jams and Chutneys of Broome, Mango Tasting, The Mango Cook Off Brunch and Pearling Masters Mango Tea Party. Discover that there is more to Broome than camels and Cable Beach. Each November North-West Australia's most popular fruit is finally the protagonist!

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