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Brno International Music Festival - Moravian Autumn



Czech Republic - Brno


From: 2015.10.27 To: 2015.11.08



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The Brno International Music Festival is one of the prominent festivals of classical music in the Czech Republic and one of the most important musical events in Moravia. It was founded in 1966, originally as a several-day-long late summer/early autumn event. The festival maintains its initial thematic character that comprises symphonic and chamber music concerts as well as instrumental and vocal recitals, opera and ballet performances, but it also introduces various new types of stage performances. The Brno International Music Festival commemorates the anniversaries of important composers while at the same time it highlights significant contemporary musical trends. The festival has three times been dedicated to the work of the Czech distinguished composer Bohuslav Martinů (1966, 1990, and 2009) and has regularly commemorated Leoš Janáček, a famous native of Brno and a prominent musician (1968, 1978, 1988, 1998, 2004, and 2008). Besides music by Czech composers, the Czech premieres of works by a number of important foreign musicians (Krzysztof Penderecki, Witold Lutosławski, Olivier Messiaen and others) have also been held here. Since the mid-1980s, contemporary music works have been presented as a separate Contemporary Music Biennale event, which was the only festival in the Czech Republic specialized in the performance of contemporary music until 1990. The Brno International Music Festival is a member of the European Festivals Association (since 1993) and the European Conferences of Promoters of New Music, as well as a founding member of the Czech Association of Music Festivals. The Brno International Music Festival currently comprises three independent events: The Exposition of New Music is a follow-up to the tradition of the Contemporary Music Biennale and two Experimental Music Expositions in particular that took place in 1969 and 1970. Five concert evenings aim to present non-traditional, often experimental works interpreted by quality international performers. Its concerts have taken place in conventional concerts halls as well as in alternative venues. The Easter Festival of Sacred Music was founded in 1994 as a first festival of it’s kind. It complies with listeners´ continuing interest in concerts of sacred music thematically linked to the liturgically significant period of Easter all of which are held in an authentic church setting. Since 1997, the festival has been held in the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno, under the patronage of the Bishop of Brno. The Moravian Autumn, as a follow-up to the thirty-year long tradition of the Brno International Music festival, appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners and maintains its thematic character. Symphony orchestra concerts and opera performances are given in the Janáček Theatre, while smaller scale events are usually held in the Brno Philharmonic Concert Hall - Besední dům or in the Convent of Merciful Brothers. The thematic character of the Brno International Music Festival is also supported by the International Musicology Colloquium Brno attended by Czech and foreign experts in the field whose debates add an academic element to the festival. Since 1966, the International Performers’ Competition became a permanent part of the festival. It features, in rotation from year to year, one of five instruments or instrumental groups (French horn, organ, contrabass, percussion, and tuba), and thus contributes to the program of the Brno Festival by a concert of the competition's laureates.

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